SSL Certificates




Make Sure Your Website is Safe


SSL Certificates digitally bind a cryptographic key to your website.
When installed into your hosting account, it activates the padlock and the https: rather than the
standard http: and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

SSL is predominately used to secure logins, credit card transactions, transfer of data.

SSL Certificates bind together a domain name, server name or hostname. This gives your visitors piece of mind, knowing any information they share within your website is secure and safe.
Seeing that padlock in the address bar instils confidence in your website and your brand.
This increases your chances of turning a visitor into a confident, secure and happy customer.

 SSL Certificates need to be purchased and installed onto its web server.
Once installed secure sessions can be initiated with browsers.

Depending on the type of SSL Certificate, you will need to go through differing levels of authentication.
Once installed, it is possible to connect to the website over
instead of

R&R Web Development can help you with all your SSL requirements,
from purchasing them through us, to installing them for you. 

We’re here with you to keep you safe every step of the way.