Does SEO Matter?


The quick answer is Yes It Does!


SEO is only one part of your businesses marketing strategy, however it is an important part.


A strong SEO strategy can increaseSearch Engine Optimization

Important Steps We Take For You


1. We ensure your website has a XML site map

An XML sitemap is a file that lists the URLs for your websites, this allows search engines to crawl your website more intelligently. It allows us to include information about each of your web pages, when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is in relation to other pages in your website.

2. Your website also needs a robots.txt file

robots.txt file to give instructions to web robots crawling your website. This tells the robot what pages to crawl and not to crawl within your websites parent directory. Allowing the search engines to better index your website.

3. We validate your code

Once your website has been built, it is important that the code within your website meets the standards. This means if you miss an end tag in your coding you may be punished by the search engines, affecting where your website will rank. At R&R Web Development we run all of your websites code through a validator, ensuring the coding within your website is correct.

4. Link Building

If you have links (eg. Facebook, Twitter etc.) that are linking back to your website you will increase the traffic to your site. Search spiders also get rather excited by this, this is because the internet intertwines and your website is a part of it (as opposed to your website being out there all alone by its self). One thing to remember though is 500 useless unrelated links is less valuable than one related link with relevant content for your website.

Search Engine Optimization5.   Review of your content

Web spiders will reward a website with pages that: